Hi. My name is Jason Fleck. I always thought there was more to life than sitting in an office nine hours a day so I could occasionally attend meetings where nothing was accomplished.There had to be a way to cut costs, provide quality service and still use my time effectively and efficiently to maximize results.

That’s why I started JaePhlec (get it? – J Fleck? What I did was remove the middle part) Consulting in June 2010 with the same goal in mind: Remove the middle part. The middle man.

I realized that when I do that, I focus on your goals and the steps needed to make them a reality. Period. I specialize in strategic planning, digital marketing and building brand awareness. Whether you need help building your presence across social networks or managing online advertising campaigns, I’m here to complement your vision for growth.



“Jason’s unique combination of creative talent, social media knowledge and work ethic is not easy to come by today. Rest assured, you can count on Jason to go the extra mile when you need it most. Jason is definitely a team player — open to feedback from both clients and his colleagues. And he has a great sense of humor — which is always a plus in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.”
Rosemary RaicheRaiche Communications, Consultant/Writer/Producer

“Jason Fleck possesses three qualities that separate him from just about everyone: 1 – he’s a marketing artist. Guys like me get turned on by a cool shot or a great line. Jason gets excited over a great recurring income model, or software that gives critical demographic information. He paints, designs, sculpts in marketing. 2 – he’s been making money since he’s been about 4, so he has outlier skills on finding profit. 3 – he’s got strong twinges of OCD like me, which means he’ll doggedly pursue his goal until he has vanquished it.
Simply put, you want him on your team. And, you don’t want him on the other guy’s team. I’m glad he’s on mine.”
Greg BatiansilaHypersmart* Media, Owner

“From research to project planning to successful implementation Jason can build an effective social media campaign. I’ve seen him pull in an audience of many thousands on facebook, consult with a dozen organizational managers on strategy, and direct targeted AdWords programs — all without getting flustered and keeping his sense of humour. Jason is a hard worker with a depth of knowledge and interest in the web that is extremely valuable; whether it’s working with WordPress, editing HTML or researching the latest trends in marketing.”
Daniel BakerAvicom Marketing Communications, Director, Web and Multimedia

“Social media is becoming more common and understood in today’s business world. Jason has a deep-rooted understanding of it’s inception, growth and future which makes him the most knowledgeable person I’ve encountered when it comes to social-media efforts. I look to Jason for counsel, advice and education when it comes to this often misunderstood yet highly effective marketing tool. I will hire Jason for any social endeavors, and I recommend him to my industry peers regularly.”
Erika DuelgePR Account Executive, Avicom Marketing Communications

“Jason Fleck is a charismatic and energetic individual with an extensive understanding of social media and its uses within marketing and advertising. Jason offered the most current solutions and provided results oriented advice that fit seamlessly with the needs of the client. Jason was able to develop strong strategic plans as well as manage and execute each tactical solution successfully. Jason was very well respected amongst his colleagues and was a great addition to the team.”
Anna BrownAccount Executive, Avicom Marketing Communications

“When it comes to social media, Jason knows his stuff. He is a savvy strategist and a great resource for anyone interested in learning about social media. He knows how to build effective online advertising campaigns and how to help clients maximize their investment.”
Jody BrandstatterSenior Account Executive, Avicom Marketing Communications

“Jason brings his best to every campaign he touches. Whether its researching specific audiences for a marketing initiative or staying up on current trends in social media, Jason is extremely focused on results. He thrives in a fast-paced work environment and stays calm under pressure. Any company would benefit from Jason’s strong work ethic and drive.”
Ted MayerCreative Director/ Art Director, Avicom Marketing Communications

What I Do

In today’s world, it’s impossible to get a four year degree in an area like pay per click advertising or social media. The paradigm is always changing. Then again, pay per click advertising and social media aren’t for those who wade in the water, but for those who can swim in the deep parts. That’s what I do.

I manage thousands of dollars of spend per day through online advertising channels such as Google and Bing. I focus on strategy, use software that promotes and enhances click-through, and in return, see outstanding, measurable results.

I also work as a community manager for a global Fortune 500 company. They have established an online community, originally directed at c-level executives in their area, but because of the overwhelming success, they have opened the community to all their clients around the world. The community provides web videos, communicates with HTML emails, and provides outlets and tips to members. The community is highly successful. Much of the work I do is. Unfortunately, with great success comes great non-disclosure. So, all I can tell you is I’m a deep-water swimmer with more experience than pretty much anyone you know.